Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waiting In The Wings -- 10/24/2012

It's a big day for the New 52 Hawkman, so let's get right into it...

The Savage Hawkman #13 -- After all the hype, build up, and Liefeld drama, "Hawkman: Wanted" bows today.  Now we get to see if all that has come before has been worth it.  While I don't think this will be the next big thing at DC Comics, it is still encouraging to see a big story featuring Hawkman and Thanagar unfolding not only in the pages of Katar's own book but also crossing over and touching on other titles as well.  I think the last time that a Hawkman title crossed over with another one was with JSA when Johns was writing both titles.  Plus this story seems like it is going to be a game changer for the Winged Wonder, and hopefully lead to bigger and better things for him in the future.

The Savage Hawkman TP v.1: Darkness Rising -- Along with the start of where Hawkman is going, you can also check out where he has come from in this New 52 universe.  This volume collects Savage Hawkman 1-8, which is the entirety of the Tony Daniel/Philip Tan run.  This includes his tangle with Morphicius, teaming up with Static to battle Gentleman Ghost and his army of zombies, and battling the alien shapeshifter Aksana.  We also get introduced to Emma Ziegler, her father, and Carter's neighbor Singh.  We may never see most of these characters ever again, and to be honest the book has improved quite a bit from some of these early stories, but those just getting into Hawkman now would be well served to pick this one up.

Also, when you head out to your LCS to pick these up, go ahead and grab a copy of Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #13 as well.  Dan Jurgens has taken over the book and it looks like we are going "back to basics" with Ronnie and Jason.  But I'll let Shag tell you about that.

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