Monday, October 15, 2012

Hawkman Tidbit From NYCC

    I have been very lax at the wheel of the blog lately, with October being a dead-run between work, family, and other professional obligations.  But I did want to share this super insightful comment from Geoff Johns, noted Hawkman scribe who will be handling the character in the upcoming Justice League of America title some time next year.

    From Newsarama:

Johns promises "a lot of big Green Arrow stuff coming up," not just in JLA.Stargirl is the "only one who's really excited to be there," Hawkman "just shows up, beats someone up, then disappears and no one knows where he goes."

(Emphasis mine)

Well, that certainly sounds like a deep and meaningful character arc for Carter, doesn't it?  Show up, beat people up, and wing off.  Sounds like he should be wearing that old "Stone Cold" Steve Austin shirt, which read "Arrive.  Raise Hell.  Leave."

I'm sure Johns has something good in mind for Hawkman, as he does seem to be one of his favorites.  So I assume that this tease is meant entirely in that vein: as a tease.  Johns further described this new JLA as "the most dangerous superheroes in the world," which sounds somewhat ominous.  

Justice League of America is starting sometime in the new year.  It is assumed it will be part of the "Fourth Wave" of the New 52 along with the newly announced Snyder/Lee Superman title (which I am assuming is going to be titled Man Of Steel or some variant thereof) and most likely a few other books.

What do you folks think?  Do you like Hawkman as the brute force muscle of the new JLA?  Is this more of a swerve from Johns?  Leave a comment and let's discuss!  

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Juss said...

I'm inclined to believe, and I hope it is, as you say, a "swerve." Also as you remark, Johns does seem to have some to have some fondness, or at least a good handle on, Carter. So it makes little sense that Hawkman's characterization would be reduced to being a mere agent of brute thuggery. Besides, if sheer power is called for, there's J'onn J'onzz.

Carter is like an F-15 fighter jet. He can do far or close-level aerial reconnaissance, strike specific targets forcefully and with pinpoint accuracy, and maintain air superiority above a field of engagement. He's also highly intelligent and adaptable.

Plus, he has the whole Aegypto-Thanagarian thing going on and he's plain old super-cool.

So you don't (at least you SHOULDN'T) waste such a cool and valuable asset by virtually making him a one-trick joke as a brutal thug with wings.