Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just One Of The Guys: Way Of The Warrior Part 3!

It's the third and final installment of my guest spots on Shawn Engel's always enjoyable Green Lantern podcast, Just One Of The Guys!  

This time out we talk about the final part of the epic, space-faring machismo festival that was "Way Of The Warrior!"  Plus we take a look at an issue of Green Lantern which is in the middle of a crossover, but is mostly an issue of The Brave And The Bold with Kyle Rayner and Supergirl!

You can find the previous parts here and here, then click right here to listen to the third and final installment!  Check it out!

The End Of The Savagery

Unfortunately, today marks the release of the final issue of The Savage Hawkman, ending the series with issue #20.  It's been a wild ride over the last couple of years, with 21 issues running the gauntlet from intense to confusing and everywhere in between.  We've had alien DNA monsters, a shape-shifting vamp, a mysterious mad scientist, evil ghosts, an army of zombies, a youthful guest star, a vengeful ex-lover, a goatee-less Green Arrow, a one-eyed tough guy, an assassin decked out in red and black, a fanatical zealot, an alien arms dealer, a shadow-drenched anti-hero, and a musclebound brute, all seen through the raptor like eyes of our hero.  

    I doubt we will ever see most of these concepts of characters ever again, so let this Hawkfan say "au gratin" to this book and it's cast of characters, abandoned plotlines and all.

    Will Hawkman soar to new heights once again?  Who can say?  For now we'll have to content ourselves with his appearances over in Justice League of America and hope for a return to greatness.  Plus all those back issues out there waiting patiently in their bags and boards and dusty longboxes.

    Big thanks go out to all of the creators who have worked on the book, including Tony Daniel, Philip Tan, Rob Liefeld, Joe Bennett, Frank Tieri, Tom DeFalco, and all of the rest of the creative folks who made this book a "must read" for me month in and month out.

    What a long, strange flight it's been...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Just One Of The Guys: Way Of The Warrior Part 2!

Aw right, more of me talking nerd stuff on the Internet!

I hope you guys all enjoyed the previous episode with Shawn and I, because it's time to listen to the next 3 parts of the "Way Of The  Warrior" story over on Just One Of The Guys!  PLUS Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and a makeshift Justice League throws down with Hal Jordan AKA Paralax!

Grab the episode right here, then put on some headphones and dig right in.  Get to downloading, folks -- this is one podcast you don't want to miss out on!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Poll On Being Carter Hall

    As the title indicates, we have a new poll here on Being Carter Hall.  With the end of Savage Hawkman coming quickly at the end of this month, the only place we will be able to see the Winged Wonder in new adventures is in the pages of Justice League of America.  I'm buying the book, but are you?  And if you are buying it, are you getting it just for Hawkman, or is his presence just icing on the proverbial 4 Color cake?

    Click through and vote, folks!  I am curious as to the results to this one!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Quick Thoughts: Savage Hawkman #19

More complete thoughts to come, but after reading this issue, I have reversed my feelings a little bit... this "throwback" of a superhero book really made me smile.  The story, the art, the twist, even the sly references to Justice League of America.  So I'm now doubly disappointed that this is the penultimate issue...


Just One Of The Guys: Way Of The Warrior Part 1!

One of the side effects of running this blog is that I have also gotten much more exposure to the world of comic book and other nerd-relating podcasting.  One such endeavor is Just One Of The Guys, a Green Lantern podcast focusing on Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner, which is produced by my friend Shawn Engel.

Shawn was kind enough to offer me a guest spot on his show as he covered the "Way Of The Warrior" storyline, which crossed over from Guy Gardner: Warrior to Justice League America to Hawkman!  And of course that means I also got to talk about the Green Lantern issues as well!  So click right here and check out Shawn and I dishing it old school about some 90's DC comics!

(And if you have not been listing to Just One Of The Guys, shame on you!  It's a great show!)