Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Who's Who In The New Justice League of America" Article

Newsarama has an new article up this morning establishing a supposed "Who's Who" in the forthcoming Justice League of America title.  Unfortunately (and sadly typical for Newsarama), a good deal of the information is either incorrect or speculatory.

To wit:

Carter Hall is really Katar Hol of the planet Thanagar, although he somehow lost memory of that before his relaunch in the New 52 as an archaeologist.

While this may very well be the final origin of our current Hawkman, until #0 comes out and says that it is so, this is either speculation based on what Vaneta Rogers wants to happen, or simply incorrect.  Whether it is the former or the latter is left to the reader to decide.

More annoying to me is the entire entry for Katana, which is riddled with errors.  Hint: Katana was never a member of nor associated with the JSA.  Hint: Katana's sword has always held the soul of her husband.  Hint: Katana became a hero by fighting the Yakuza after they killed her family in the Pre-Flashpoint DCU, not just the New 52.  Hint: Katana was a founding member of the Outsiders, not just a recent member.

I wish I was surprised that someone on Newsarama got their information wrong about an Outsider.  *sigh*

But, seeing as this is not an Outsiders blog, let me get back to Hawkman.  There is an interesting tidbit about the Hawkman/Green Arrow relationship:

In the past, Hawkman's character has often conflicted with Green Arrow, the former interested in fighting criminals and the latter more interested in helping underdogs. Johns has promised to highlight that conflict in this new title, but in a new way.

"[I]n a new way," huh?  I wonder if my speculation (see, it is alright to speculate so long as you label it as such) that Hawkman and GA will start out seeing eye to eye only to eventually to drift apart ideologically was close to the mark.  As I have said before, Johns' take on Hawkman and Green Arrow was always a hostile one, while other writers took softer approaches.  I am eager to see how it plays out in any case.

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