Thursday, August 23, 2012

Super-Team Family Fantasy Issue: Hawkman & Tor!

With the passing of legendary Hawk creator Joe Kubert last week, this "lost issue" of Super-Team Family is all the more appropriate.  Combining two of my absolute favorite Kubert characters -- the Winged Wonder himself Hawkman, and the hero of the prehistoric world Tor -- on one cover and then adding a Kubert dinosaur to the mix is as close to perfect as can be achieved in this world as far as I am concerned.

This would have gotten my 60 cents easy.  What a great story idea and what an amazing cover.

Honor Wing Bearer and Chief Match-Head Shag sent me the link to this image, which can be found over at the molto cool blog Super-Team Family... The Lost Issues.  Check em out and tell em Luke sent you!

Image: "Super-Team Family #170" mock up, 2012, image retrieved from Super-Team Family... The Lost Issues.

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