Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shayera And "Wingmen" by Joe Bennett!

Joe Bennett, artist extraordinaire on The Savage Hawkman, has been very open with posting sketches and pencil pages online as he is working on the title.  Today we have one of the nicest ones yet, featuring the yet-to-debut "Princess Shayera" and two bodyguards, whom I am still calling "Wingmen" out of some misguided senses of nostalgia.

Our Favorite Female Buttkicker looks ready to do just that, armed with a wicked looking mace and a stare which looks like it could shatter glass.  Her helmet looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see her uniform colored.

Her two Wingmen attendants look very sharp too.  I really like their full face masks, making them look almost like an elite guard or something (appropriate if they are hanging out with Shayera, yes?).  They have very nice armor as well and I like that they are totting guns, suggesting that only royalty like the Princess would wield a melee weapon.

Man, I cannot wait to see how this story is going to unfold, especially with Bennett drawing it!

H/T to loyal reader Matt Orr (follow @HawkmanFans) for the tip!

Image: Princess Shayera and "Wingmen" preview, 2012, Joe Bennett.

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Juss said...

Is anyone besides me wondering about Shayera's and the wingmen's technology? Much has been made of the Nth Metal bonding with Carter/Katar. It would seem to destroy his uniqueness—which I'd hate to see happen—if Nth Metal turns out to be friendly to all Thanagarians.

In other news, how about Katar's traditional red for boots now showing through on the legs? It wasn't there before last issue. I assume it's just the same metal, differently-colored, but I'm glad of the change. Looks nice.

But I wish those clunky, claw-foot, Frankenstein shoes would go. They look tough and armored and all, but more appropriate for a ground-pounding knight than a warrior whose chief attribute and advantage is flight.