Friday, August 24, 2012

More Rumblings From Liefeld Walk Out

    Are you folks getting tired of reading these?  Because I can tell you I am getting tired of writing them.  More tweets from Rob Liefeld about his latest stint at DC, including his run on The Savage Hawkman.

    From Newsarama:

"There was an editorial shift and everything I'd laid out and was approved was unraveling. I stood my ground in defense of what I thought was a strong, positive vision," Liefeld explained, saying that he quit the book on July 4th, feeling that he thought that the editor wanted to write the book for himself. This apparently resulted in the swift movement from someone higher in the DC Comics food chain, as Liefeld went on to explain that "on July 5th I was assured that there would be an editorial change, [the editor in question] had a bad track record and had previous creator conflicts."

There's more details and more of Liefeld's... I hesitate to call it ranting, so how about more of Liefeld's thoughts  in the article.  

I'll report on Hawkman related stuff, but I am slowly losing interest in Rob Liefeld airing dirty laundry on Twitter...

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