Thursday, August 19, 2010

JSoA #42 Variant Cover Featuring White Lantern Hawkman

Straight from The Source, the preview of Justice Society of America #42 features the variant Ryan Sook cover of White Lantern Hawkman!

The skull and bones motif on the throne is a little ominous, but not really surprising considering the amount remains which Hath-Set used to build his portal over in Brightest Day.  Hawkman's White Lantern costume is simple but effective (much, I may add, like Martian Manhunter's WL threads), and I really like his "barbarian king" pose, which seems appropriate.

Justice Society of America #42 is in stores now!  

Image: Justice Society of America #42 variant cover, 2010, Ryan Sook.


Doug said...

I HATE how much they try to charge for variant covers! I would have loved ot have this one, but it would have shot the wad for my comics for the week and then some!

Awesome image.

The Hawk-action in BD #8 was brilliant. I need more. Now.

Luke said...

Agreed. My shop had the cover going for like $9 on Wednesday, same as the Professor Zoom one (I think). I would buy the image if it was available at the normal price (like the variants were back in the early run of this volume of JSoA, when I got the Steel-centric variant to issue... #3 I think), but paying a premium for variant covers gives me bad 90s flashbacks. *hibbitygibbity!*

The Irredeemable Shag said...

I totally agree about paying so much for variants!

In case it interests you, here are the other variants so far and how they fit together.

The Irredeemable Shag