Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brightest Day #8 Preview

Straight from The Source, check out a preview of Brightest Day #8, which if you read the last post you know goes on sale today!

Dig the Hawkgirl cover!  Looking good, Shiera!

Image: Brightest Day #8, 2010, David Finch.


Juss said...

I don't care for it, myself. Shiera looks too skinny for my taste. 'Course, she IS a bird-character, which doesn't mean she can't be powerful.

But what I really dislike is the clichéd broken-back pose and the high heels. Please! Hawkwoman ought to look ferocious and formidable, not timid and wilting.

Luke said...

The broken back thing I can live without as well. But for good or ill her costume has the heels now I think.

Mostly I was impressed that she wasn't jutting her breasts and butt directly at the camera, and that the battle damage and blood on her weapons indicates that she, as they say in the vernacular, "ain't the lady to mess with."