Monday, August 16, 2010

JLA/The 99 #2 Cover

From Newsarama's preview of DC's November 2010 solicits, check out this cover to the second issue of the 6 issue mini JLA/The 99, with art by Felipe Massafera.  I don't know The 99 from The 100 (little bit of Black Lightning humor there), but I do know Hawkman on a cover when I see him!  Looks like the Winged Wonder will be taking part in this crossover!

This cover has a strong sort of Silver Age vibe to me, like something you might see on an oversized comic or something along those lines.

JLA/The 99 #2 hits stores November 24.

Image: JLA/The 99 #2, 2010, Felipe Massafera.

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