Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foxtrot Comic Strip

I came across this Foxtrot comic strip pretty much by accident, while poking around the Superman Homepage.  I really like how Hawkman is depicted in his then-current (it's hard to tell but the copyright date looks like 1995) costume rather than his more well known traditional look.  (Same goes for the Kyle Rayner GL suit.)  Although I have to wonder what the heck is with the big demonic-sorta-looking thing he is swooping down to fight!

I also like how the Thing has apparently punched some guy so hard his teeth have come out of his head!

Also, note the picture of the correctly named Apatosaurus on the wall in the last panel.  I'm sorry, but that'll always be a Brontosarus, dammit!

Image: Foxtrot comic strip, 1995?, Bill Amend.

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