Monday, August 30, 2010

Hawkman Animation Cell

Let's get the week started off with a nice piece of Hawkman collectable merch.  This is a painted animation cell (along with a background plate) of the Winged Wonder from the Filmation DC superhero cartoons.  

I have always liked animation cells, but really can't afford them.  A nice clean cell looks amazing when displayed, and the bright colors on this piece make it no exception.  The green bracer on Hawkman's wrist is an odd touch, but it does break up the flesh tone monotony.  Notice also that the hawk's head symbol is absent, because something like that would have been quite literally impossible to animate at the time this was drawn.

Notice the Filmation stamp on the upper left hand corner, with Lou Scheimer's signature!

I saw this guy on eBay, and let's just say that the opening bid was, uh, a little out of my range, if you catch my drift.

Image: Filmation Hawkman cell, ????, image retrieved from eBay.

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