Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hawkman Plushie

A big thanks to Bearer Of The Honor Wings Rick, who runs several worthy comic book blogs, including Mail It To Team-Up and personal favorite Comic Book Letterheads, for sending in this picture.  Take it away, Rick!

My wife and I were at K-Mart and saw this in one of those machines where you can get stuffed dolls... Hope you like it!

How could I not?  I have a fodness for claw grabber plushie toys (one of my favorite items in my entire nerd collection is a plush Kamen Rider from a Japanese claw grabber game), and this Hawkman looks fantastic.  I absolutely love the big grin on his face!

Have something Hawk-related you want to share?  Then send it along and you too can earn your Honor Wings!

Image: Hawkman plushie, 2010, image obtained from Rick.


Diabolu Frank said...

That is awesome! I wonder who else in the DCU have it plush...

Diabolu Frank said...


Luke said...

Ooooh, that is a nice color job... and you know I always appreciate the King!