Monday, August 23, 2010

DC Comics Stacked T-Shirt

Thanks to Frank over at the Idol-Head, I figured we'd start the week off with some fine superhero geek attire.  

Check it out, front and slightly above center.  That's right, the Winged Wonder is rocking it hardcore.  Then, down on the left-hand side, next to Darkseid, is Hawkgirl.  Great to see both of the Hawks represented on one shirt, which I can't think of another example of.  

I like this one because it includes a whole mess of characters, both good and evil, a lot of which who don't get a lot of love in the apparel domain.  Mary Marvel, Mera, Captain Marvel Jr., Riddler, Zatanna, Dr. Fate, Cheetah!  Is that Harley Quinn above Green Arrow?!  Yeesh!  This shirt appeals to everyone!

Image: DC Comics Stacked Group shirt, 2010, image retrieved from The Idol-Head Of Diabolu.

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