Monday, January 16, 2012

New Poll On Being Carter Hall

Like the subject says, we have a new poll here on the blog. Short and sweet: "Rob Liefeld on Savage Hawkman, what do you think?"

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Juss said...

I find myself surprised to be intrigued and rather anticipatory regarding Rob Liefeld's contributions. Four issues into Savage Hawkman and I've found the story muddled and the dialog frustratingly diffuse and oblique. I'm not so sure Tony Daniel even understands, really, what good plotting and pacing are. My view of Rob Leifeld is that as a plot-originator or -guider, he has in the past been 'way too, ahem, "Extreme." But he does like to have things happen and for the story to move right along. IMO, Hawkman certainly needs some of that. I must, for my love of Hawkman, be hopeful that Liefeld and Daniel will have an unforseen and fortuitous collaborative synchronicity, so that Savage Hawkman will be (double ahem) propelled to lofty heights--loftier, at least, than the ones it has risen to so far. I realize this is completely subjective, but I think that while so far the story hasn't been so bad as to drag its tailfeathers in the dirt, yet neither has it just plain *soared,* and reached the altitude of the "thrill-osphere," where I want it to cruise, sure and steady.

Luke said...

One of the statements I have read in several places online is that "Rob Liefeld is the Jack Kirby of the 90s," in that he has a lot of creative energy and can come up with a lot of ideas, but does not always execute them in a successful (or profitable) manner. I'm not too arrogant to say that I am not super familiar with Liefeld's work other than a dabbling. I have never really liked his art (although I really didn't have many problems at all with Hawk and Dove), and have never heard good things about his writing. I think I have read a few issues of Brigade and I am not even sure that he wrote that. So while, as a Hawkfan, I want to be excited by the announcement of a new creative team (even as a mourn the exit of the previous one), this just has me nervous and confused more than anything else.

I guess the real litmus test will be the last few issues of Hawk and Dove which will show me directly what kind of writerly chops the Rob Liefeld of 2012 has, and at least give us an idea of how that will translate to Savage Hawkman. (Perhaps a Hawkman/Hawk team-up? Could be fun.)