Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Flying To New Heights

Yeah, I know, I sort of vanished there for a while.  As a comics blogger, that is sort of how we do things.  Every now and again, we disappear for a spell and then come back onto our blogs and make posts like this.

I'd like to say that my jet-setting lifestyle was ramped up during the holidays and that I couldn't possibly take time away from the intense and utterly naughty activities in which I was participating to post here, but the truth (as usual) is much more mundane: busy with the holidays, busy with a sick infant, busy with work, busy with travel.

So anyway, that having been said, I should be getting my new box of comics today (according to UPS, anyway), contained within will be The Savage Hawkman #4.  Now I know what you are saying (hopefully you are not reading this at work...) "Luke, you lazy bum, you haven't done a full review of #3 yet!"  Yeah.  I know.  I'll get on that this week.  Just a matter of putting my foot down and writing the dang thing.  So that should be hitting shortly.

Here's to Being Carter Hall in 2012!  Let's soar higher than ever!

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