Sunday, January 22, 2012

CBR Interview With Rob Liefeld

Another day, another hype piece from incoming Savage Hawkman scribe Rob Liefeld, this one from CBR.

For Carter Hall, it's all about discovery. He's just beginning to get the hang of this Hawkman gig when he is throttled from all sides by multiple challengers looking to control the Nth metal. His comfort level is radically disrupted. How he responds to these challenges will reveal more about his character.

Not a whole lot about Hawkman but worth reading. It seems that the promotion of Bob Haras may have a good deal to do with Liefeld's new assignments, which makes sense at least.

Right now I am waiting for the issues of Hawk and Dove which Rob is writing to really develop a solid opinion on his writing. Because, being honest here, I am not sure I have ever read anything the man has written, only heard bad things about it. I wouldn't want to be judged by work I did 20 years ago, either, so a fair shake is the least I can do.


Mr P said...

I thought the Savage Hawkman had some history as Hawkman already. Hence the whole costume burying/shooting/burning in the first issue.

Luke said...

Agreed. I can only assume that this means that Carter is getting used to being this Hawkman, with the alien liquid metal armor deal. I guess?