Thursday, June 11, 2009

Image: Super Powers v.2:no.6 Original Art by Jack Kirby

As you may know if you reading this blog, legendary comics creator Jack "King" Kirby handled the Super Powers Collection tie-in comic for DC in the mid-80s.  The series ran for three short volumes, and featured Kirby's work on a lot of characters he did not get to normally draw, including Hawkman.  

Jack Kirby was involved at some point with developing a Hawkman cartoon series which never got off the ground, as seen here.  His Hawkman in Super Powers is more closely modelled after the toy, with the smooth wings, but that's alright because I dig the toy, too.

All in all a very cool image showcasing who were, to me as a kid, THE pantheon of DC Superheroes.

I snagged this image from rob!'s legendary Aquaman Shrine, pretty much the standard for daily superhero character bloggers.  Thanks, rob!

Image: Super Powers v.2:no.6 Original Art, 1986, Jack Kirby


rob! said...

pretty much the standard for daily superhero character bloggers

wow, thanks! that made my day.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Back from the hospital with the baby and blogging within a week. You are a dedicated man, Luke!

Love the Kirby drawing. Even Firestorm appears in it. Hooray!

Very true about AQUAMAN SHRINE. It's the superhero blog leading the rest. Great job, Rob!

The Irredeemable Shag