Friday, June 26, 2009

Hawkman Coloring Page

Not sure where this coloring page was originally from, but the site I got it from had lots of DC heroes (along with other toons) for you to print out and color... with your kids, of course.  Obviously.  Duh.

Anyway, I like the overall look here, which looks like it dates to the Superman: The Animated Series era: more angular and striking in design than the original Batman-era.  Some of the details are a little odd, like the throwing star on his bicep, but they would make for good coloring fodder.  The oversized Honor Wings look great, and the wings look appropriately dynamic.  The mace is, as always, a welcome touch.  

I'm going to have print some of these out and keep them for my son... when he can color in a couple of years.

Image: Hawkman coloring page, retreived from Toons & Comics Coloring Pages, retrieved in 2009.

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