Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hawkman Sketch by "Evan"

Our sketch today is from an artist named, evidently, Evan, initials ERD.  I found his site, Studio-Hades, while poking around an image search engine, and discovered this quite-nifty Hawkman commission amongst his sample work.

The piece is simple enough, with a pose which Hawkman has struck many times in Justice Society or Justice League meetings and when resisting slugging Green Arrow in the face.  But Evan does a really nice job of portraying the quiet power and strength in his arms and chest, like a coiled spring.  I also like the slightly downturned mouth, as if Hawkman is slightly annoyed at whomever he is listening to (again, Green Arrow is a likely candidate).  The wings look great in repose here, including the nice work of picking out the feathers without making the whole thing look busy.  The belt buckle is a little ostentatious but I like it in the way that wearing a belt buckle of your initial is a sign of badassedness (see also: Aquaman, Apocalypse, Galactus).  Overall this is a great piece and I am sure whomever ordered the commission was very happy with it (I know I would have been).

The only complaint I have, and trust me, it's minor, is the beak on the helmet looks a little long, kinda like The Shrike, if anyone remembers him.

If anyone out there knows more about this artist please comment and share!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have possession of this sketch.  It is being reposted from the cited website only.

Image: Hawkman sketch, 2005, "Evan", retrieved from Studio Hades.  


The Irredeemable Shag said...

I was thinking the beak looked off also.

The Irredeemable Shag

Diabolu Frank said...

Reminds me of early Kevin O'Neil. Awkward-cool.

We are unanimous in our beak objection.