Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Waiting In The Wings -- 6/24/2009

Well, readers, there does not appear to be anything coming out this week which features Hawkman or Hawkgirl, so I figured I would take this opportunity to look over some of the other DC releases this week which tangentially relate to the Winged Wonders.

Golden Age Starman Archives v.2 HC -- Besides Starman being Hawkman's teammate in the original Justice Society, this volume is intriguing in that the only other Golden Agers to get a second Archive collection previously are Green Lantern and Flash (discounting durable folks like Superman and Batman).  Could this foreshadow a second volume for Hawkman as well?  I would snap that right up, beefy price tag and all, as I have been thoroughly enjoying Volume 1.

JLA Deluxe Edition v.2 HC -- This is the second hardcover collection from Grant Morrison's "Big 7" era of the League.  Morrison has always been hit or miss for me, but his JLA stuff is great.  It's interesting to see Zauriel in action considering his real-life origins as a "new" version of Hawkman.

Justice League of America #34 -- I have posted here before about the trials ans tribulations which Dwayne McDuffie has gone through as the scripe on what should be DC's flagship title.  I don't get this title regularly but the kind his ideas are usually compelling enough to get me to check out an issue here and there.  Honestly, his current storyline, involving the Milestone characters Dharma, the Shadow Cabinet, and Starbreaker, is pretty neat but not the kind of stuff I think was expected from him on the League.  I don't mean this to sound condescending or anything, but at this point I would like to see McDuffie get a shot at handling the Milestone folks again, perhaps as a co-feature title or something.  (Icon, co-featuring Hardware, perhaps?)  

Justice Society of America #28 -- I have not been getting JSoA since Johns and Eaglesham left -- and that's not a knock on the incoming creative team so much as it is a desire to have a break from the team for a little while.  The fact that neither Hawkman nor Hawkgirl is a member of this team is plainly indicitive of the changes upcoming in Blackest Night.  It's telling to me that one of the first things Johns did on his last story arc was to have Hawkman leave the team.  Considering the plans which McDuffie had for kendra over in JLoA that ended up not happening, I'd really like to see her back over in the Society, assuming, of course, that she survives Blackest Night... which my speculation doesn't support.  Time will tell, as always.

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