Monday, January 5, 2009

Acquired: Rann Thanagar Holy War #5-8

Well, thanks to a tip from reader Chris, I decided to go ahead and purchase the singles I could pick up from Rann Thanagar Holy War, rather than wait for the trade.  I already have the two Specials, plus with my LCS's discount this is the cheaper route.  Of course, as you can see I only was able to get the last four issues, meaning that until I can find the earlier ones (or, more likely, order them from an online service), I won't be able to read the story.  D'oh!   Such is the trials and tribulations of comic book fandom!

Image: Rann Thanagar Holy War #5, 2008, Jim Starlin.


Chris said... has the first four issues for $1.96 each, almost 45% off cover price.

Luke said...

That's exactly where I am ordering them from!

Chris said...

I love that site. With the free shipping after $50, it's like an In Stock Trades for back issues.

Luke said...

Yeah, serious. I used to use their Subservice, and you can piggy back back issue orders of any amount on your Subservice stuff for free as well.