Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waiting In The Wings -- 1/2/2009

New comics don't come out until Friday this week, thanks to the holidays this week and last, but I figured I would post them today anyway as it is going to be hard for me to get them up later in the week.  (Wow, 2009 already!)

Final Crisis Secret Files #1 -- I'm not sure if Hawkman has a role in this anthology or not, but since he has now shown up in the main title, he could be in here.  This book looks interesting anyway, at least from the preview pages we have seen focusing on Libra.  Hawkgirl shows up on the first page if nothing else!

Justice Society of America #22 -- This one is a safe bet.  "In The Name Of Gog" bows here, and while I have several predictions about what will go down, one thing I have learned on this title is that the unexpected often happens.  So I am just going to wait and see.

Trinity #31 -- Hawkman has been a regular in the backups, so I imagine he has a good shot of appearing here.  Trinity is a title which I cannot justify buying, but looks so darn neat that I am tempted quite frequently.

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