Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Ruth Commercial Featuring Hawkman

This image was passed to me by comics blogger extraordinaire Rick Phillips, who runs Mail It To Team-Up, Let's Rap With Cap, Comic Book Letterheads, and Plastic Man Platitudes, among other sites.  Needless to say, this bearer of the Honor Wings keeps busy, and this is no exception.  

I have never seen the commercial in question, but the idea of Hawkman eating a Baby Ruth candy bar seems a little silly to me.  Clearly he'd like something more bird-related, like Chik-O-Stik.  Or, if we're going on that route, a Zagnut, I suppose.

Thanks, Rick!  

Do you have something neat or unusual which is Hawk-related?  Send it in and you too can earn your Honor Wings!

Image: Baby Ruth commercial screen capture, ???, retrieved from unknown.


Anonymous said...

I don't know, Carter seems like a Snickers fan to me. He strikes me as a no-nonsense candybar type.

Howdy Luke! Remember that mod that I sent you the screenshots for? Well, I finally finished and released it! I'm currently doing some bugfixes for it, and will be updating it (hopefully) this weekend. It includes a campaign solely for the Hawks and the Atom in all of their much neglected glory.

If you're interested in doing some Hawks coverage, I'll see if I can't put together a trailer for you.

couvedude said...


Here is a link with a couple more pictures, the video link did not work for me though.

couvedude said...
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