Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Showcase #101 House Ad

I thought this was appropriate, considering yesterday's post.  This house ad for Showcase #101 may ask a lot of questions, but it also catches the eye with no fewer than three Hawkman logos as well as a miniaturized version of the dynamic Kubert cover.  The copy of the questions -- asking basic questions which readers of Hawkman's adventures from the 60s would easily know -- really pushes the "revival" button I talked about previously, that this was DC's big push to get Hawkman back into their reader's collective consciousness as a hero outside of the JLA.  I especially like the "Why" question, which restates the classic Hawkman introductory text.

I don't know how effective this particular instance of this house ad was, though... since I scanned it from inside my copy of Showcase #101.  "Hey kids, check out this cool comic book... which you already bought!"  Ah well, it's an A for Effort if nothing else.

Image: Showcase #101 House Ad, 1978, Joe Kubert (cover art), scanned from personal collection.

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