Monday, May 7, 2012

Hawkman in Trinity War Teaser

I did not partake of Free Comic Book day on Saturday, due to a combination of Hands On Greenville Day as well as the nature of FCBD at Borderlands since the new ownership came in.  While I am legitimately happy for them to have that many people in their shop on a given day, it doesn't fit with what I want at that time.  I've just toiled for four hours in the heat and dirt, I just want to grab my freebies and be on my way, not stand in line for and hour and a half as I snake through a store I have been in hundreds of times before.  Like I said, not what I am looking for in an FCBD experience.  

All of which is a long way of saying that I have not seen the DC "New 52" FCBD issue, although it will be coming in the mail from DCBS once my new box ships.  At the end of the month.  *groan*

Luckily, DC was kind enough to post a two page spread by Jim Lee teasing the upcoming Trinity War storyline, and the Winged Wonder himself figures into it.  And who is Hawkman tangling with?  Why, the Formerly Goateed Moron himself, Green Arrow!  Some things never change!  It's interesting that Lee draws Hawkman with his ancient weapons rather than his alien ones; might image this coupled with the preview sketches by Joe Bennett suggest a return to that sort of weaponry for our hero?  It's been a part of the character dating back to his first appearance, so it would not exactly be a surprise to see it return as part of the New 52.

Also worth noting: The Atom!  And judging from the fact that this character seems to have hips and a chest, it would appear to be a female version of the the Mighty Mite.  Jean Loring, perhaps?! *shudder*

Also also: Is that... Vibe?!  General consensus on the Interwebs is that the red, black, and yellow clad figure on the left is in fact Vibe from the Justice League Detroit era.  Truly this is a Brave New World if Vibe is back.  Can Steel be far off?

I'm sure we will hear a lot more about this in the coming weeks and months, folks, so stay tuned.

Image: Trinity War teaser, 2012, Jim Lee.


Juss said...

I have now seen 2 or 3 articles or analyses of the DC FCBD issue, and of the picture spread therein. I've been strongly disappointed, nay, nearly angered, to find that Hawkman wasn't mentioned even once. There has been some mention and speculation about Hawkgirl in Earth 2 . . . but even there, in a recent rundown of the characters that will be appearing in upcoming issues, Hawkgirl was left out--though I've read that on Earth 2 she will assume the role of World's Greatest Detective!

Sorry not to have ready reference for all these, but these are definitely my impressions, if not the absolute facts. I am pretty upset that DC--and most online journalists--seem to be pointedly ignoring Hawkman. I really wish I could understand why.

Luke said...

Juss, I think I know the article you are referring to, and my take on it was that Hawkgirl was left out of it because we really don't know much about her yet. From what Robinson has revealed, we know about certain characters, such as Flash and Green Lantern, but Hawkgirl is still very much a mystery, it would seem.

As far as the FCBD issue... I think that Hawkman is flying under the radar (pun intended) for a lot of readers, and so no one is giving his presence in that teaser much attention. Especially compared to the heavyweights, and Black Adam, and the Atom, and Vibe. By the same token I have not seen much digital ink about the presence of Green Arrow, either.

Personally, I am enthused that he made the teaser, which means he must play some role in the story, and thus should get a larger spotlight put on both the character and his series.