Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Read: The Savage Hawkman #9

So, after all the previews and hype, The Savage Hawkman #9 was released yesterday.  New creative team, new direction -- it all starts here.  So what's the verdict?

Oh yeah.  It's on.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but the earnest script by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton is a great fit for Carter Hall.  We learn some new facets of our hero and his civilian life.  New mysteries are introduced about the Nth Metal, and those who would possess it, as well as the origins of Hawkman himself.  We meet some new villains, and there's the promise of even more foes.  And all of it looks amazing, thanks to the pencils of Joe Bennett, the inks of Art Thibert, and the colors of Jason Wright.  I'll always be a fan of Philip Tan, but this new art crew seems born to handle the adventures of the Winged Wonder.

I'll admit, I was very skeptical when Rob Liefeld was announced as the new writer of this book.  But Rob, Mark, Joe, and the entire team working on Savage Hawkman have really made this Hawkfan believe.

Let's pick up the axe and fly, folks.  It's time to soar.


Anj said...


With your seal of approval I might just pick this up now.

Luke said...

The best way I can put it is if in the mid-70s if Jack Kirby did a Hawkman solo book. It has the sort of Kirby energy, introducing new elements as we go along and always moving forward. I enjoyed the issue; expect a more full review later (tonight, hopefully).

Juss said...

I was very impressed with Savage Hawkman #9, and enjoyed the issue greatly. No one is more surprised than I that Rob Leifeld was able (with some help) not only to provide a coherent and engaging narrative, but to also move the story forward while not ignoring previously established threads, and actually interweave some of those threads into the ongoing story. And not only all that, but he was also able to give Carter some thoughts and dialog that made sense, and which gave some real and interesting characterization. AND, and also–O, frabjous day!–he shoehorned in a SHAYERA appearance!

This was the best Hawkman issue I've read in years.