Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Waiting In The Wings -- 5/2/2012

No new issue of Savage Hawkman this week, but we do have one issue which I have to mention:

Earth 2 #1 -- James Robinson and Nicola Scott present this new take on the parallel Earth concept as part of the New 52.  Early word has been very positive on this series, and I have been enjoying James Robinson's superhero stuff at DC over the last few years.  Given free reign over an entire world, I imagine that Robinson will be eager to "cut loose" and get crazy.  And with Nicola Scott drawing it, the book should look fantastic.  We know that in a few issues we are going to meet the new Hawkgirl, and combined with a few hints dropped in Savage Hawkman #8, I think there may be some sort of revelation coming.  Beyond that, this book looks like it should be worth reading.

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