Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Savage Hawkman Sketches By Joe Bennett

As promised, here is a sneak peek at what Joe Bennet's Savage Hawkman will look like.  From Bleeding Cool:

Joe Bennett is drawing the new Savage Hawkman arc, cowritten by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton. And here are his first sketches of how he plans to be handling the character.

Bennett is definitely embracing the fantastical elements of the character, as the muscled, armored, weapon-totting and gauntlet-sporting figure would not look terribly out of place on the cover of a sword & sorcery novel.  The more natural looking weapon (as opposed to the jagged, angular alien designs we have seen previously) helps sell this feeling as well.  I am torn on the feather motif of the wing harness, but I like the talons over the boots, even if they seem somewhat overstated.

You can see more of Bennett's take on the Winged Wonder (including a two page spread) at the above link.

Image: Savage Hawkman sketch, 2012, Joe Bennett.


Juss said...

Thank Thanagar! What a breath of fresh air! Beautiful wings; a clearly drawn figure, clearly in such perspective that he really looks like he's flying, and a very nice, balanced, powerful composition in the arrangement of limbs, wings, and weapon(s). I do wonder if the helmet wings aren't just a tad overdone; but though I'm starting to feel I dislike this gladiator look, the helmet and leg armor have never looked better for what they are. Gone are the ragged wrist-wrappings, which never made sense. The harness and emblem look great. Note the feather motif Joe Bennett has added to the straps.

However good, mediocre, or poor Rob Leifeld's writing may be, I now feel confident that I'm really going to enjoy looking at the pictures in these issues.

Andrew Z said...

Great to see you posting again. Keep it up!

Luke said...

@Juss, the feathers are a bit much for me, but if you are going to go with a new design then go with it, I say. The armored look doesn't bother me, as it speaks to both the barbarian motif the character has sported in the modern age as well as tangentially reminding me of the Volume 3, black and gold look which I also dig.

As much as I liked Tan's art (and I totally dig his stuff), this is more what I had visually in my mind for a comic book entitled Savage Hawkman. If we're going the savage route, then by the Seven Hells make him look savage!