Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Animated Anthem Day -- Hawkman!

It's crossover time! The forces of the DC Comics Blogosphere (patent pending) have combined to present to you animated intros spotlighting more than 14 different heroes and heroines! It's a veritable pantheon of cartoon giants!

With Being Carter Hall being a Hawkman blog (big shock), it's only natural that I'm featuring the Filmation Hawkman intro from The Superman/Aquaman Hour from 1967! I'm not sure that all of the details are exactly spot on to the comics version, but hey! Cartoon Hawkman!

"Hawkman... the Winged Avenger!" Man, that gets the old pumps pumping. I love the classic Hawkman logo at the end. This Hawkfan can't help but grin from ear to ear upon seeing this intro.

Check out my fellow bloggers and all of the Animated Anthems! We've got everyone from Aquaman to Vixen and lots of folks in between! Enjoy!

Animated Anthem Day


Diabolu Frank said...

Carter Hall, scientific genius from a far off world, flies into action as... HAWKMAN! Winged Wonder... Who with Skreal, his faithful fighting mascot, pits his arsenal of phenomenal powers against both earthly and interplanetary foes. Hawkman! The Winged Avenger!

One of my favorite of the openings, since it's action-packed with kooky cool super-villains (unlike the Atom's "hand of thug.") That is, once it gets going. Weird emphasis on the science stuff there. It's much more keen when there's a random explosion every few seconds. I like the super-powered claws, which help set him apart from other winged heroes.

Wings1295 said...

Very cool. Not sure if I have seen this, but it does seem very familiar.

Hero Supreme said...

Truly awesome job on Animated Anthem Day. I am finding so many cool sites, and like Hawkman, I am enjoying a delicious Baby Ruth.