Friday, April 27, 2012

Hawkman Sketch by Stephen Sadowski

This Hawkman sketch is by Stephen Sadowski, best known to Hawkfans for his work on the very popular title JSA, where he got to deliver beautiful images of the Kendra Hawkgirl as well as being the penciller for the "Return of Hawkman" storyline.  So it is only appropriate to feature this sketch today!

Dripping with machismo and masculine energy, this sketch really embodies the "Return of Hawkman" era Winged Wonder in my mind.  The burly chest (covered with hair, natch) and beefy shoulder belie the "Conan with wings" mantra which became Hawkman's calling card in this period.  The talon decorations on the boots are very slick, and the helmet looks sharp without being over-rendered.  The wings (always important) are nicely detailed and good sized, and I like the straps on the harness as well as the traditional belt.  One thing which stands out to me is that Hawkman is not wielding a weapon, a rarity since his revival!  Simply flying through the air (with the greatest of ease, I imagine) is such a Silver Age concept for Hawkman.  Overall just a great piece!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have possession of this sketch.  It is being reposted from the cited website only.

Image: Hawkman sketch, Stephen Sadowski, 2012, image retrieved from Comic Art Fans.


Mr P said...

Very nice!

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Love it! I think the Return of Hawkman era has become my favorite for this hero. I'll always love me some Hawkworld, but Return of Hawkman trumps.

The Irredeemable Shag

MK said...

Hey, this is my sketch! Awesome. Tomorrow I'm going to the same con I got this from last year. Stephen will be there. This time I'm planning on getting a Hawkman AND Hawkgirl together!