Thursday, April 19, 2012

Waiting In The Wings -- 4/18/2012 (A Little Late...)

Yeah, this is a day late, but I didn't realize that anything Hawk-related was coming out this week, so here you go!

Showcase Presents All-Star Squadron v.1 -- Collecting All-Star Squadron 1-18, these tales from Roy Thomas and Rich Buckler have never been reprinted before, so it's a great opportunity to pick up all of these WW2 era adventures in one black and white volume.  Hawkman scores at least a cameo in every issue of this series, and Hawkgirl makes a number of appearances as well, plus all of their fellow Golden Age heroes.  I apparently forgot to order this, so a trip to the comic book shop is in order!  I have heard about a lot of these stories thanks to Michael Bailey and Scott Gardner over on Tales of the JSA, and they generally have nothing but good things to say about this series.  Give them a listen!

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