Monday, April 23, 2012

Hawkgirl To Be Part of Earth 2

When the New 52 began at DC, it was not overly surprising that Hawkgirl was among the missing.  After all, Shiera had just died (again) at the end of Brightest Day, setting up the conceit (if not the details) of the angry, lone Hawkman.  Then the title of the new Hawkman book was announced as The Savage Hawkman, so it was understandable that Hawkgirl would be absent from that title at least at the start.  I always assumed that DC would get around to introducing Hawkgirl down the road, and I was right.

Although, I must say, I was surprised to see where that introduction will be taking place.  One of the "Second Wave" of the New 52 is Earth 2, by noted Hawk-scribe James Robinson, and artists Nicola Scott, and Trevor Scott.  The solicitation for the third issue reads as follows:

EARTH 2 #3
• The all-new origin of ALAN SCOTT GREEN LANTERN – unlike any GL origin that's come before!
• The debut of the all-new HAWKGIRL!
• And Jay Garrick, THE FLASH, meets his first Super Hero!

(Emphasis mine)

So the All-New Hawkgirl (man, that would make a great title for a comic book, wouldn't it?) debuts over on the parallel world of Earth 2?  Will Hawkman and Hawkgirl be lovers from a past life separated by a dimensional barrier?  Perhaps Hawkgirl and Hawkman will be Earth counterparts, ala Jay Garrick/Barry Allen or Alan Scott/Hal Jordan?  As this is the New 52, as cliched as it sounds, really the sky is the limit for how Robinson wants to play this, including what her identity will be.  I mean, there have been teases over in Savage Hawkman about Carter's connection with Thanagar and "Katar Hol," so it would not be implausible for this Hawkgirl to be Shayera Thal, right?

As far as Hawkgirl being a member of (what I am assuming is being called) the Justice Society, I have zero problems with that.  Remember that Kendra was Hawkgirl on the reformed JSA for quite a while before "The Return of Hawkman" storyline went down, and she did just fine.  Justice League (especially the first two seasons, when she was a regular) was instrumental in demonstrating that Hawkgirl works very well on her own, not just as a sidekick or love interest for Hawkman. Much in the same way that Robin (either Dick or Tim, take your pick) has become a character who can work well in the setting of partner as well as solo as well as part of a team, I think Hawkgirl's starring turns have gone a long way to establishing her in the same light.  Having her as part of this new Justice Society without the presence of Hawkman further cements this, and it makes me happy to have one of the pre-eminent female tucchus-kickers get a spotlight shone on her.

We have not seen any art yet for Hawkgirl, but if Nicola Scott is drawing her, she should look pretty good!  The teases we have seen so far are sort of an Elseworlds-style set of costumes, so I imagine that Hawkgirl will be recognizable as a Winged Wonder while being a new style.

I have not preordered Earth 2, but will probably pick it up off the shelf when it is released.  

What do you folks think?  What sort of Hawkgirl can we expect in Earth 2?  And will you be picking up this series?

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Doug said...

There is NOTHING that would keep me from picking up a James Robinson-penned Earth 2 book. NOTHING.

Add in Hawkgirl and Nicola Scott on art and I'm seriously trying to justify spending the cash on two copies, just like the old foil-embossed days.