Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Waiting In The Wings -- 4/4/12

Any new comics out this week which would appeal to the jaded Hawkfans out there?  Let's find out!

Hawk and Dove #8 -- With new Hawkman writer Rob Liefeld incoming next month (on issue #9), I think its worthwhile to read some of the other comics he has been writing lately, especially within the DC "New 52."  While starting out as the artist on Hawk and Dove, Rob has moved over to handle the writing chores on the title over the series' final three issues, with #8 being the finale.  I've read #6, and got #7 in the mail yesterday, but not had a chance to read it yet.  Hawk and Dove #6 was a "done in one" featuring our heroes in Gotham City crossing paths with Batman and Robin as they fought Blockbuster, who was under the thrall of a spellcaster.  Told from Hawk's perspective, it was not bad at all -- nothing that was going to be breaking any sales records, but a very well put together adventure putting the two duos together for a common goal despite the tensions between them.  The story did feature a lot of action -- as befit the scenario -- but managed to sneak in some character moments as well.  Hawk's immediate mental disdain for Batman, for instance, I thought was a nice touch and shows that Liefeld has a good handle on Hank's mindset.  His dialogue is neither smarmy nor particularly snappy; pop culture references make a cameo.  All in all, I liked #6 and am eager to see what #7 has to offer.

What does this mean to Savage Hawkman?  Well, it means a lot and not that much at the same time.  To me it means a lot because I read something from the incoming writer and enjoyed it, always a good sign when you have a creative team change.  But at the same time, I don't know that it means particularly a lot either.  As I said, Rob Liefeld knows the characters of Hawk and Dove very well, having worked on them before and being co-creator of Dawn Granger.  So it follows that he can write a good H&D story.  But Rob Liefeld doesn't have any real history with Hawkman.  So that's a big question mark still for me.  Of course, we the readers don't have much of a history with this Hawkman, either.  So that's a good thing, as events can really unfold in any number of directions because there is no past continuity to restrict a story.  

Right now we have to simply hold on a little bit longer to see what the new creative team brings to the table.  (Plus, let's not forget we have another tale from Daniel, Booney, and Tan coming out this month!)  Till then, all we can do is speculate, something which we as comics fans all enjoy from time to time, right?

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