Monday, September 27, 2010

Sahar Biniaz To Play Hawkgirl

Thanks to this interview over at Newsarama, we can take a look at the drop-dead gorgeous and absolutely stunning young lady who will be playing Hawkgirl this season on Smallville, Sahar Biniaz.

Some biographical info (thanks to


Born in India, Sahar Biniaz grew up in Iran and is now a Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, B.C. She is the youngest of three children and works as a professional actress in Film and Television. Recent credits include a recurring role on Blade: The Series and a part in the new film, The Watchmen.

Sahar loves the craft of creating characters that must overcome obstacles, her passion for acting has also taught her about her own emotions and potential. Sahar's ultimate goal is to become a renowned and respected actress whose work and filmmaking brings awareness to humanitarian and women's issues.

Obviously she won't be as dolled up as Shiera/Kendra, and the hair will need some coloring, but man, check out her eyes, nose, and chin!  She looks like she could stare right through you even before she picks up the mace!  She has just enough of an exotic look to really sell the countless resurrections the character has experienced, and her beauty is more than enough of a balance to Michael Shanks gruff Hawkman.  Definitely looking forward to seeing her on the small screen!

(Oddly, she had a bit role in Watchmen, and a couple of tiny appearances previously on Smallville, if you can believe it!)

Image: Sahar Biniaz, 2008, Image retrieved from

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