Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawkgirl Cosplayer At DragonCon 2010

From everybody's goof friend Shag comes this image of a Hawkgirl cosplayer from this year's DragonCon convention in Atlanta, GA.

I like the angelic wings, which are probably a lot less unwieldy than your typical wing harness.  Her cloth helmet is cute, and the primary colors on the costume really pop.  It's rare that a tube top is an appropriate fashion choice, but here it works.  The bustier look is better on a more voluptuous model, but this suits her body.  Speaking of which, her arms and legs are nice and trim, adding to the look.  Her boots are probably the best individual element of the costume, although the morningstar is a nice touch as well!

You can also check out our heroine battling her Black Lantern counterpart!  Yikes!    

You can head over to The Unique Geek or flickr and see the literally hundreds of pics which Shag took at the show... just be sure to have some time to pore over them all!

Image: Hawkgirl cosplayer, 2010, image retrieved from The Unique Geek.


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Luke - Great write-up! Yes, it was a fantastic costume and she was very nice! I'm guessing this was the JLU version of Hawkgirl, but you can probably tell for sure.

However, my favorite part of your write up is when you call me everbody's "goof" friend. That's very appropriate!

The Irredeemable Shag

Luke said...

Yeah, uh, that was a typo, yeah, that's it... a typo. An innocent, could-happen-to-anyone typo...

I actually saw that after I sent it... a peril of posting via email.