Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Justice League By Jeff Lemire, Featruing Hawkman

Going to start the week off with a little piece I swiped from Frank over at the Idol-Head: A Jeff Lemire rendered image of the Justice League!

I seem to remember Lemire doing something like this before, because I have a vague recollection of Barry Allen as someone's nerdy uncle.  But that notwithstanding, I like this goofy, thin, gangly take on Hawkman, with a little Atom hanging out on his shoulder.  Katar (I guess?) has a nice little smile which suggests more of a sort of Silver Age helpfulness than a Modern Age bashiness.  I also dig that he added the chest stubble in there as well.

The whole crew looks suitably amusing.  I like Green Arrow's Rollie Fingers style moustache, Batman's anorexic look, and the Manhunter's excellently oversized brow.  All in all a great piece.

Image: Justice League, 2010, Jeff Lemire, image retrieved from the Idol-Head of Diabolu.


Diabolu Frank said...

You might ought to swing by Power of the Atom to complete the set. Mi fodder es su fodder...

Luke said...

Indeed. I try to leave my swiping to one a day if I can manage it! ;)