Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hawkman In New Masters Of The Universe Two-Pack

Found this image on robs! Aquaman Shrine, and I just had to laugh.  What a mashup!  The Superman/He-Man one at least made sense considering the early MOTU comics, and the Lex Luthor Skeletor one was a natural extension of that, but this is silly.

The truly ironic thing is that of the two sets I am more likely to buy the Aquaman/Mer-Man one -- I already have the Hawkman toy, and Mer-Man is a favorite of mine!  Go figure!  Of course if they had packed Hawkman with the super-awesome Buzz-Off instead of Stratos, I'd be all over that like a frog on a lily pad.

Thanks, rob!

Image: Toyfare preview of DC/MOTU two-packs, 2010, image obtained from The Aquaman Shrine.

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