Friday, January 8, 2010

Hawkman vs The Falcon by MD Bright

Our sketch today is a commission piece by MD Bright, best know to me for illustrating Green Lantern through a good portion of the 90s.  And like any good commission, it's a fight -- between the Winged Wonder and Marvel flying hero, "Snap" Wilson, AKA The Falcon!  Considering I just got the Marvel Legends Falcon toy for Christmas, I thought this was appropriate.

Bright's always had a clean, crisp style which I thought made him really well-suited to the DC heroes and this image is no exception.  The wings are strong and dynamic on both characters, and both look suitably ripped.  The details of Hawkman's costume are nice, including well-proportioned Honor Wings and a clean wing harness.  I can't imagine how nice this would look in color!

Although I am not happy with Falcon getting the drop on Hawkman, this piece still rocks!

Disclaimer: I do not own or have possession of this sketch.  It is being reposted from the cited website only.

Image: Hawkman vs The Falcon, 2001, MD Bright, retrieved from


Diabolu Frank said...

My friend and former customer Damon Owens commissioned this piece. He's both a Marvel booster and a black super-hero fanatic, which explains this totally bogus smack down.

Luke said...

Wow! Talk about a small world! That's an amazing coincidence.

I don't by the result either, but its still a sweet piece of work.

Felicity Walker said...

It looks nice. I wish it were a bigger scan so I could see it better. :-)

Does MD Bright still draw comics? I have a Google alert set for his name in case a blog mentions a new comic by him (which is how I came to your blog), but I haven’t seen anything by him on the racks in years.

Skyhawke said...

If you want to know what MD Bright is doing, check out for a list of his work.

I don't buy the scene either but I like how Bright did the detail for Hawkman and Falcon, showing a nice distinct difference between the two.

Felicity Walker said...

Thanks for that link! According to it he hasn’t drawn a new comic since The Damaged #1 in 2007. Everything after that is reprints. :-(