Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Interview With Justin (Green Arrow) Hartley

Adding to the "Absolute Justice" hype I posted earlier, Newsarama has posted an interview with the former Fox Crane from Passions and current Oliver Queen/Green Arrow from Smallville, Justin Hartley.

Newsarama:  I read the official description of "Absolute Justice", but they don't really talk much about what's going on with Oliver.  Michael Shanks (Hawkman) has talked about you guys butting heads.  Geoff Johns has spoken about a 'shared behavior'.  So can you talk a bit about your role in that?

Hartley:  ...Hawkman and Green Arrow do not get along.  They do not see eye to eye politically.  [laughs]  They don't see eye to eye on any kind of social issue.  But yet they're stuck together because they work well together.

Sounds like the frenemies relationship we have all come to know and love from these two!

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