Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting In The Wings -- 1/6/2010

Well, it doesn't look like we are getting anything overtly Hawk-related this week at our local comic shops, so let's take a look over the DC offerings and see what looks promising.

Doom Patrol #6 -- I have really enjoyed this series, and the two part Blackest Night tie-in that just wrapped up was extremely strong.  Giffen seems to be really enjoying himself handling the Patrol, and they are a good fit for his writing style.  The feature consistantly has this looming mien of uphappiness and menace hanging over the preceedings, and frankly I think that is great.  The Patrol should be the "weird" group, the misfits and freaks who don't fit in, and with Giffen amping up the "Anti Professor Xavier" vibe of Dr. Caulder, that foreboding bearing is perfectly suited to the team.  I have never read the Patrol before this title, but I have fallen hard on this series.

That and the Metal Men backup (which will be sorely missed!) is freaking hilarious.

JSA All-Stars #2 -- The first issue was very well done, and the second looks promising as well.  I was not really thrilled with the idea of splitting up the JSA, but this take seems like the best way to do this sort of thing.  The preview pages reveal that Johnny Sorrow is bringing back the Wizard, Tigress, and Geomancer -- it's like we're back in the early days of JSA right here!

Red Tornado #5 -- DC used to do minis like this back in the 80s, and I would like to see the trend continue.  Characters like Reddy are worthy of attention and face time in places other than team books, and these minis are the perfect avenue for just that.  This series has been very entertaining while fleshing out some of reddy's history and potential cast.  We have an ally in Red Torpedo, a potential sidekick in Red Inferno, and a nemesis in Red Volcano.  These may be obvious directions but sometimes the obvious choice is the best choice.  Hopefully they will stick around for a while.

So, you guys think anything else this week looks especially cool?

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