Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting In The Wings -- 4/1/2009

What Hawk-related wares can you find at your local comic shop this week?  Let's take a look!

Justice Society of America #25 -- The conclusion of the Black Marvel Family story bows here.  Not sure if Hawkman will show up or not in this one, but I am hoping he does, obviously.  After the insane Gog storyline, this one has been something of a letdown so far, so we shall see.

Justice Society of America v.2: Thy Kingdom Come Part 1 -- Speaking of the Gog story, here's the setup for it.  Collecting issues 7-12, this volume features some of my favorite bits from the current series, including the excellent spotlight on Citizen Steel, an adventure with Liberty Belle fighting Zoom, the JSA making pancakes for a local firehouse, and the return of Superman from Earth-22.  Great stuff all around.

Strange Adventures #2 -- Continuing Jim Starlin's latest space opera.  Hawkman figured tangentially into the backup story with Bizarro last time, and I imagine he will have a similar role this time out.  I still wonder about the the ramifications of that, and what that means for the Hawks; ie, will Hawkman still be a member of the Abberant Six?  Time will tell I guess.

Trinity #44 -- As usual, Hawkman has been a semi-regular in this title, so he could pop up here.

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