Monday, April 6, 2009

Hawkman and Hawkgirl Costumes At DragonCon 2008

Thanks to Shag over at Firestorm Fan for supplying this picture of the Justice League (along with a few hangers-on) from DragonCon 2008!  

Hawkman seems to be doing the classic "facepalm" bit, perhaps because Captain Action is hanging out with them.  Seriously though, it's a nice costume.  The wings look good without being too over the top, and sort of resemble the Super Powers toy's wings, appropriately enough.  The morningstar makes for a nice accessory, although it's too bad we can't get a better look at the helmet.   I am also happy that someone with roughly my physique was brave (and/or bold) enough to wear the classic Hawkman duds.  There's hope for me yet (along with fear for Con-goers)!

Hawkgirl's costume is very nice as well for the most part.   The slim wings look great, the cinched belt gives her a sort of Murphy Anderson-esque figure, and her hair is perfect.  About my only complaint is the helmet, which is a little too tall, but Hawkgirl's helmet is a tough one so that's cool.  

One gets the feeling that Green Arrow is checking out Hawkgirl's, ahem, tailfeathers.

Image: Justice League group picture from DragonCon 2008, 2008, image retrieved from Firestorm Fan.

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Adama said...

GA is just trying to stay in character!