Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's Who Mystery Box Set Hawkman

Picked up this very nifty little piece last weekend.  I had seen these "blind box" figures before -- namely, the Aquaman riding the seahorse one -- but I did not know there was a Hawkman until I was poking around the DC Direct site last week.  I was in Greenville for lunch with my wife, and I remembered seeing these little blind boxes at Richard's (the "other" comic shop in Greenville).  So, I knew they had the blind boxes, and I knew that they had them opened, so if they had Hawkman I would at least not have to bother with the blind box business, so the logical leap from there was pretty small.  You follow me?

The figure itself is about 3" tall from the base to the tips of the wings.  It comes unassembled, and goes together very easily -- the legs plug into the torso, the wings into the back, the mace into his hand and then the feet into the base.  (Also included is one part of the JLA satellite, which you can complete if you buy all six pieces; if anyone wants this piece, let me know.)  Considering the size of the piece, the sculpting and paint applications are very nicely done, and Hawkman looks like the chiseled, buff dude he has been consistantly portrayed as since his rebirth.  I like the inclusion of the additional weapons and the shield, clearly delineating this as the modern version of Carter Hall, ready to soar into action.  

This piece is really nice, especially considering it cost me all of $5.  The small size means it can fit just about anywhere on your toy shelf, or on your desk, or wherever.  There are two other waves in addition to this one, and all of them look pretty neat (hey Rick, there's a Plastic Man, too!), so take a look for them at your local comic shop.

Image: Who's Who Mystery Box Set Hawkman, retrieved from DC Direct.

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Diabolu Frank said...

I really liked the look of these, but never saw any open for sale here in Houston. I gave up blind purchasing after my CCG burnout. I'd really like to get Hawkman, Despero/Superman and especially Aquaman.