Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jim Starlin Talks Hawkman Special

Jim Starlin, author of all sorts of cosmic stuff over the year and presently writing Rann-Thanagar Holy War, weighs in over at Newsarama with his thoughts on the Hawkman Special, out tomorrow, and drops that this may be leading up to a monthly title.

NRAMA: Would you consider doing a monthly Hawkman book?

JS: Something along those lines is in the works. But we'll have to get back to that in a future interview.

Personally? I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of return of Katar Hol of Thanagar, but not at the expense of Carter Hall of Earth. DC would probably never go for it, but if you can have two guys named Superman kicking around, multiple Green Lanterns, potetnially as many as three or four Flashes, and two Wildcats on the same team, then I see no reason why Carter Hall couldn't be the Earth-bound Hawkman who advetures with the Justice Society of America wearing feathered wings, while Katar Hol is the space-faring Hawkman, galactic police officer with shiny metal wings. I would really like to see DC turn up the heat on their cosmic titles outside of Green Lantern, and a Hawkworld-esque solo title for Katar would be a good fit.

What do you think? Is there room for Carter and Katar in the same universe?

BONUS: Check out some preview pages of the Special.


Anonymous said...

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Diabolu Frank said...

I used to be a huge Jim Starlin fan, and hope this signals a return to quality cosmic adventures for author and character. Barring that, he could do a 'Breed thing, mixing mysticism with savage action.