Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Waiting In The Wings -- 8/27/2008

Is there any Hawkman related stuff coming out this week?  You betcha!

The Brave And The Bold v.2: The Book Of Destiny HC -- I believe Carter teams up with the (All-New) Atom herein.  I wish they would release these as regular tradepaperbacks instead of hard covers, but I know they will eventually.  

DC Universe: Last Will And Testament #1 -- Not sure if the Hawks are in this but they might pop up.  As to how Hawkman would spend his "last day," I have to think it would be hitting people with a mace.  I mean, he's just going to get reincarnated and come back, right?

Justice Society of America #18 -- Continuing the Gog storyline as Magog is introduced in the DCU proper.  Hopefully he and Carter will get the opportunity to throw down.

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Adama said...

Hawkman would hit people with a mace, just with extra urgency.

Green Arrow, on the other hand, would spend the entire day being sarcastic and having sex with his wife.