Friday, August 22, 2008

Read: Trinity #11

Issue: Trintity #11
Title: "The Next Step"
Published Date: August 13, 2008
Generation: Modern Carter
Retcon Status: In Continuity

Summary: On a mission to stop thieves who have been stealing relics, Oracle recruits the Outsiders to watch the Lourve, and Hawkman and Gangbster to watch the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  Archaeologist Carter Hall is the guest of honor, and he showcases an ancient shield made of Nth metal -- which is the bait for the thieves.  Suddenly, there is an explosion at the Air & Space Museum, and Gangbuster runs to investigate while Hawkman grabs his harness.  Gangbuster arrives to find the quartet of thieves --  Swashbuckler, Primat, T.V.M., and Sun-Chained-In-Ink -- stealing the space plane which Superman saved when he first appeared in Metropolis.  Gangbuster has his hands full until Hawkman crashes in, carrying his mace and the shield, to even the odds.  The villians manage to escape with the space plane, but not before Gangbuster tosses the shield at Primat, who takes it.  With the Nth metal in their possession, the thieves can be tracked...

Review: A very cool little backup adventure for Hawkman and Gangbuster.  Short and to the point, it gave a good introduction to the two characters as well as tied back into the main story (where we see where some of the relics they are stealing end up).  The Outsiders cameo was amusing (Metamorpho is disguised as the relic, with the others as patrons; Rex makes a comment about Katana's sweet "gams" in her cocktail dress), especially considering I'm a fan.  Nicieza's Hawkman is amusing, responding to Primat's comment about how good he smells with "We'll market a cologne after I bludgeon you!"  The nerd in me must say, it's not "St. Roch Museum," but "Stonechat Museum," although I suppose the woman doing the introductions could have just misspoke.  Tom Derenick's Carter is strong and bulky without being too much, and I like the look of the helmet with the red eyes peering out.  Hopefully this team will be involved more in the story later on.  The overall issue is not bad but clearly part of something larger.

Image: Trinity #11, 2008, Andy Kubert.

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