Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The End Of The Savagery

Unfortunately, today marks the release of the final issue of The Savage Hawkman, ending the series with issue #20.  It's been a wild ride over the last couple of years, with 21 issues running the gauntlet from intense to confusing and everywhere in between.  We've had alien DNA monsters, a shape-shifting vamp, a mysterious mad scientist, evil ghosts, an army of zombies, a youthful guest star, a vengeful ex-lover, a goatee-less Green Arrow, a one-eyed tough guy, an assassin decked out in red and black, a fanatical zealot, an alien arms dealer, a shadow-drenched anti-hero, and a musclebound brute, all seen through the raptor like eyes of our hero.  

    I doubt we will ever see most of these concepts of characters ever again, so let this Hawkfan say "au gratin" to this book and it's cast of characters, abandoned plotlines and all.

    Will Hawkman soar to new heights once again?  Who can say?  For now we'll have to content ourselves with his appearances over in Justice League of America and hope for a return to greatness.  Plus all those back issues out there waiting patiently in their bags and boards and dusty longboxes.

    Big thanks go out to all of the creators who have worked on the book, including Tony Daniel, Philip Tan, Rob Liefeld, Joe Bennett, Frank Tieri, Tom DeFalco, and all of the rest of the creative folks who made this book a "must read" for me month in and month out.

    What a long, strange flight it's been...

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The Irredeemable Shag said...

Nicely said, sir. Very nicely said.