Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Poll On Being Carter Hall

    As the title indicates, we have a new poll here on Being Carter Hall.  With the end of Savage Hawkman coming quickly at the end of this month, the only place we will be able to see the Winged Wonder in new adventures is in the pages of Justice League of America.  I'm buying the book, but are you?  And if you are buying it, are you getting it just for Hawkman, or is his presence just icing on the proverbial 4 Color cake?

    Click through and vote, folks!  I am curious as to the results to this one!

1 comment:

Juss said...

I will be buying it mostly for Hawkman, and a little bit for Green Arrow. That's about it. I most usually dislike team books because I prefer "my" heroes front and center in their own books—not sharing "screen time" with other characters—and because I prefer action and plot over banter and character moments. I feel reduced to compromise with JLA, though; I'll take my Hawkman where I can get him.