Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez "Apes" Classic Hawkman! (Get It?)

    I read Hawkman v.1:no.6, "The World Where Evolution Ran Wild!" last week, and when I did, I was instantly reminded of this great cover of DC Comics Presents: Hawkman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (praise be his name, h/t to The Fire & Water Podcast).  What's better than gorillas?  Why, FLYING GORILLAS of course!  This is the DC Universe, after all!

    Image: DC Comics Presents: Hawkman #1, Jose Luis Gracia-Lopez, 2004. 


Juss said...

That's some great cover! Sure would make a pretty poster!

Luke said...

You can't go wrong with apes! It's a fact of the Silver Age!